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Is it a walk or a hike - info for leaders
By Julie Goodyear

Is it a walk or a hike?

As route maps are required with the risk assessment for hikes, there has been some recent debate about what’s a hike and what’s a walk.  So, here’s a bit of guidance which Sarah NA has put together (although this applies to hikes and walks during a section night, on a day activity, or during a NA experience).


  • If on a section meeting and under 1.5hrs in time this can be classed as a walk
  • If on a section meeting and over 1.5hrs in time this will be classed as a hike      (potentially you could be walking up to 6 miles) a copy of the route plan/map should   be sent to the GSL / GLV
  • Going around a village, town, or nature reserve we would class as a walk
  • If on a NA experience, the same parameters as if in a section meeting but the copy of the route plan/map to be sent through to the District Nights Away Lead Volunteer.
  • Please remember that all routes must be checked before walking them with the   young people to make sure that there are no unforeseen problems.
  • You can find an example Route Plan on Fact Sheet FS120409 

Remember, for Nights Away - if out of District NAN, RAs etc to be sent through 3 weeks before going.   If in District this is to be sent 2 weeks before going.


Further information on

You must always: 

  • Complete and share a risk assessment
  • Have the right ratios and number of adults to provide suitable supervision
  • Set up an InTouch process ·
  • Know what to do in an emergency
  • Share information with parents and carers with an activity information form
  • Get approval from your commissioner


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