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Outdoor in 24 is encouraging Scout sections, from Squirrels to Network, to get outside throughout 2024.

Whether it's for one meeting, going on a Night Away event or taking on the Outdoors in 24 challenge, we're hoping to get young people trying something new in the great outdoors this year. There's even an extra 24 hours from the leap year in 2024 for you to get outside.

If you're a new volunteer wondering where to start, or an experienced volunteer looking for some new ideas, we’ve brought together resources to help you plan and run outdoor activities with your groups.

We’re also encouraging volunteers to look into getting your Nights Away Permit and Adventurous Activities Permit if you want to. 

From making art from natural materials or sleeping under the stars to paddle-boarding across a lake or visiting a local farm, what will you get up to in the great outdoors this year?

Take a look at the link below for some great ideas

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Hi All,


Just a reminder that Rhydd Run Colour is taking place on Sunday 27th October and is open to all sections. Booking is open now via the link below. Booking closes 29/09/24. You can either organise and book as a group / section or just advertise to your parents for them to book individually. Please make sure it is included in your programmes for next term.


Booking is via the website here:


Any questions please let me know


Yours in Scouting


Mark "Mike" Atkinson
Section Leader
16th Wyre Forest (St Michaels) Scout Troop

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As we approach the busy camp season, a reminder for all those involved in organising camps, particularly camp leaders:


Nights Away-reminder to include all adults attending & RA when sending information –including programme, to Sarah Bennett, if possible, more than 14 days before the camp starts.  Any adult sleeping over MUST have completed Safety and Safeguarding modules & have a DBS, suggested applications should be made 3 months before the event.

Remember to keep updating RA’s and share with all adults attending camp.



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 From 1 January 2024, everyone will need to report safeguarding concerns directly to the UK HQ Safeguarding Team. Due to this change, we’re updating a few resources, including our Yellow Card and Safeguarding policy.

New process to follow for reporting safeguarding concerns. We’ve updated the Yellow Card, making it mandatory for everyone to report all safeguarding concerns directly to the UK HQ Safeguarding Team. The team will be on hand to reassure you and support you with your concern. Please try to give the UK HQ Safeguarding Team as much information as you can. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information you need – the most important thing is to make the team aware of the concern. You can read the new process and access digital and hard copies of the new resources on the Yellow Card webpage.


The Orange Card will be updated soon, in the meantime Young Leaders should continue to follow the Orange Card and report any safeguarding concerns to a Leader. You must then report those concerns to the HQ Safeguarding Team in line with the updated Yellow Card. Any young person is welcome to contact the UK Safeguarding Team directly if they have a concern.



The existing Yellow Card Poster has been updated and a new poster has been created for younger people (created alongside the NSPCC), they’ll be required to be displayed in your meeting place so all adults, young people, and parents/carers are reminded of our processes for safeguarding young people.




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Little litter warriors and Wyre Forest scouts (organiser Mark Searl WF21) have joined the Kidderminster Bid project to help improve Kidderminster town centre. I have attached the area in question. We are looking for sections to get out and about in these areas to help us clean up but also somewhere different and educational to pick. The Kidderminster Bid has offered us donations however I’m leaving that part to Mark. I am running these sessions in Kidderminster and happy to join your group litter picks if can. This activity can then fall under fundraiser, community and part of environmental badge works. It would be great to know where you intend to pick too so that we can cover other areas that won’t have been picked.


Wyre Forest District council are working with me in making sure we have enough equipment to supply the demand. There are also wanting to be more efficient in helping our activity run smoothly. Here is a link to how you can report where you have left your litter filled bags. Reporting this after your pick will ensure a quick collection response. Community volunteer litter picker | Wyre Forest District Council ( There is also a section where you can let them know how your pick went, filling in this is easy and they may do a social post on their platforms about your achievements, this always is great for promoting scouting in a community.

Karen Blanchfield


Assistant Scout leader

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