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Centralising Nights Away and Incident Reporting
By Julie Goodyear


In our ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our young people and volunteers, we are announcing the centralisation of ALL district and group nights away notifications and also local incident, and near miss reporting processes.


This initiative is designed to streamline our operations, enhance our support systems, and better understand safety incidents across our organisation. It comes with the complete support of all District Lead and County Lead Volunteers and is a supportive process to provide assurance to our Scouting programme.


Why Locally Centralise?

Enhanced Safety and Support:

By centralising our reporting processes, we can ensure that all incidents and near misses are logged consistently and accurately. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify patterns and areas of concern more effectively, ensuring that we can take proactive measures to enhance safety across all our activities in a supportive way.


Note: You will separately still need to report incidents to HQ that have resulted in hospitalisation in line with current protocols.


Easier Compliance:

Centralisation will simplify the reporting process for all our members. With user-friendly online tools and streamlined procedures, it will be easier for everyone to comply with our membership rules. This means less administrative burden and more time dedicated to delivering great experiences for our young people. All near misses and incidents need to be recorded on the central. This is the same for all Nights Away Events.


Better Insights and Reporting:

A centralised system provides a more complete picture of accidents and near misses, enabling us to understand and address the root causes more efficiently. The county will provide quarterly reports for the trustees' local areas. This ensures they have the necessary insights to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to enhance safety measures in their respective areas. The reports will be sent to District and Group Leads, including Chairs.


Key Benefits


1. Consistency and Accuracy:

   - A standardised reporting system ensures that all incidents and near misses are recorded in the same way, leading to more reliable data and better analysis.

  - For Nights Away it provides more clarity and openness on authorising and ensuring the right support is in place for our Young People and Volunteers.


2. Streamlined Processes:

   - With centralised reporting tools, the process of logging nights away, incidents, and near misses becomes straightforward and efficient. This reduces the administrative load on our volunteers and allows them to focus more on delivering quality programmes.


3. Proactive Safety Measures:

   - Access to comprehensive data enables us to identify trends and implement preventive measures more effectively, ensuring a safer environment for all participants.


4. Informed Decision-Making:

   - Quarterly reports will be provided to trustees which offer detailed insights into local safety incidents. This data-driven approach supports informed decision-making and strategic planning at all levels of our organisation.


5. Enhanced Support:

   - Our centralised system is designed to provide better support to our volunteers, ensuring they have the tools and resources needed to comply with our safety protocols effortlessly.


Implementation and Support


We understand that transitioning to a new system can be challenging, which is why we are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout this process. Training videos and resources will be available to all districts and groups to ensure a smooth transition. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions and provide ongoing assistance to ensure everyone is comfortable with the new system.  This will be available on our County website –


Centralising our nights away and incident reporting processes is a significant step towards a safer, more efficient Scouting experience for our young people and volunteers.


These forms are now the ones to be used by ALL GROUPS, DISTRICT AND COUNTY TEAMS.


Any other form of submission will be rejected by your volunteer manager and directed to these online forms.


By enhancing our support systems, simplifying compliance, and providing valuable insights, we are ensuring that our young people and volunteers are better protected and more effectively supported. Together, we can create a safer, more responsive Scouting community.


We look forward to your co-operation and support in making this initiative a success.


Please in the links to the forms which are also on our County website:


Nights Away Notification from link:



Incident (Accident) and Near Miss form link:


If you have any questions please direct them to your local volunteer leads.


Yours in Scouting,



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