Young Leaders

The Young Leaders' Scheme is just one of the exciting programme elements in the Explorer Scout section.

All leaders in the Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Section who are between the ages of 14 and 18 must be members of an Explorer Scout Young Leaders' Unit. They are Explorer Scouts who choose to devote a large proportion of their time in Scouting to service in another section.


YL Badge   

A Young Leaders’ Badge and woggle should be awarded after completing Module A. This badge signifies that a Young Leader has completed their basic training.

YL Badge  

A mission strip should be presented after completing each mission, these are placed around the module A badge

YL Badge  

A Young Leader belt buckle should be awarded on completion of the entire scheme (completion of ALL training modules and missions).

YL Badge  

The Young Leader Service Award can be worn on the adult uniform to recognise a person’s completion of the Young Leaders’ Scheme.

The Young Leader certificate should be presented when the Young Leader either turns 18 or completes the whole scheme. The back of the certificate can be used to record which modules and missions the Young Leader has completed.

Core resources to support the scheme

Preparing to Lead: Delivering the Young Leaders’ Scheme

This is the handbook for every adult volunteer delivering the Young Leaders’ Scheme. A self contained guide to delivering the training, it provides a full breakdown of all modules and practical activities for bringing the learning to life.

  • 120 page step by step guide to delivering the scheme 
  • Contains trainer notes and practical tips
  • Appendices with additional information including the Fundamentals of Scouting and leadership styles

Young Leader Logbook - Onwards and Upwards

The complete guide to being a Young Leader, this logbook for young people explains what to expect during training and in the role itself.  As well as tips from other Young Leaders, it outlines the opportunities, skills and rewards for taking part in the scheme.

  • Pocket size
  • 28 pages full colour
  • Everything in one place
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If you would like to hear more about Young Leaders, please click the link below to contact us.

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As we approach the busy camp season, a reminder for all those involved in organising camps, particularly camp leaders:


Nights Away-reminder to include all adults attending & RA when sending information –including programme, to Sarah Bennett, if possible, more than 14 days before the camp starts.  Any adult sleeping over MUST have completed Safety and Safeguarding modules & have a DBS, suggested applications should be made 3 months before the event.

Remember to keep updating RA’s and share with all adults attending camp.



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 From 1 January 2024, everyone will need to report safeguarding concerns directly to the UK HQ Safeguarding Team. Due to this change, we’re updating a few resources, including our Yellow Card and Safeguarding policy.

New process to follow for reporting safeguarding concerns. We’ve updated the Yellow Card, making it mandatory for everyone to report all safeguarding concerns directly to the UK HQ Safeguarding Team. The team will be on hand to reassure you and support you with your concern. Please try to give the UK HQ Safeguarding Team as much information as you can. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information you need – the most important thing is to make the team aware of the concern. You can read the new process and access digital and hard copies of the new resources on the Yellow Card webpage.


The Orange Card will be updated soon, in the meantime Young Leaders should continue to follow the Orange Card and report any safeguarding concerns to a Leader. You must then report those concerns to the HQ Safeguarding Team in line with the updated Yellow Card. Any young person is welcome to contact the UK Safeguarding Team directly if they have a concern.



The existing Yellow Card Poster has been updated and a new poster has been created for younger people (created alongside the NSPCC), they’ll be required to be displayed in your meeting place so all adults, young people, and parents/carers are reminded of our processes for safeguarding young people.




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Hi all

First Response will be mandatory for:


  • Group Lead Volunteers
  • Section Team Leaders
  • Section Team Members
  • District 14-24 Team Leaders


I have added the following dates to the County website for everyone to book on.

Tuesday 9th January 7-9pm Practical sessions 20 minutes to complete - session time will be given when booked on.

Wednesday 31st January 6.30-9pm Zoom session Part 2 of Blended course. You will be able to book onto Part 1 when  you book the Zoom.

Sunday 25th February 9.30am to 4pm Full course at WF17's hut.

Sunday 25th February 4pm Practical session

WF17 Wednesday 13th March 6.30-9pm Zoom session Part 2 of Blended course. You will be able to book onto Part 1 when you book the Zoom.

Saturday 20th April 9.30am to 4pm Full course at WF15's hut.

Saturday 20th April 4pm Practical session WF15.


Please use the County website to book on these events

Adults who are not volunteering within a section, or not meeting for adventurous activities will not be expected to complete First Response. Rules for first aid on activities will not be changing, and first aid provision should continue to be factored into risk assessments.  


Volunteers who will now have to complete First Response in their Section role will have a transition period to complete the learning, based on when they started volunteering and their current learning requirements. You can read more about this change and the transition periods in our blog from Colin Davidson, Assistant UK Commissioner for People (Learning).




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County News

  • County Klatch (Conference) will now be held in late April, possibly at the 3 Counties Showground.  Carl Hankinson UK Commissioner hopefully to attend.
  • County Cub Camp will be held at Eastnor Castle with a Jungle Theme. Clashes with our own District Camp
  • Shirehike will be March 2024
  • Shirejam, date to announced shortly, possibly a 4-year rotation.
  • H & W now have joint Transformation Leads in post, John Day and Derek Barnes
  • County TA positions are being reviewed as the role will not exist after Transformation
  • Recruitment drive called ‘Bring your Grown-Up’ Useful guide on the website
  • All ACC roles are changing to Team Leaders with Accreditations
  • Roll out of First Aid Training.  All volunteer roles working directly in the sections will now require a First Aid Certificate.  This means that all current Section Assistants who do not currently need the qualification will require to complete the training.  There will however be a period of 2 years for this to be undertaken. * See below
  • Network to be redesigned and/or rebranded.  Districts to be asked what they want for their Network members.
  • 2024 Capitation Fee for Hereford & Worcester:
    • The capitation fee for the county in 2024 will be £13.50.
    • This adjustment is necessary due to the rising cost of living and our commitment to support growth within local communities and ensure consistent support across Scouts Hereford & Worcester.
  • UK HQ Membership Fee for 2024-25:
    • The UK HQ membership fee for the 2024-25 period will be £38, (£37.50 for prompt payment)
    • Districts will receive invoices from the County Treasurer in due course, facilitating the collection of payments from Groups.
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Weekend in the West End District Camp Rhydd Covert 21st – 23rd June – the rethink

I have had a number of representations in connection with our plans for this camp, and I am getting increasingly concerned about the viability of us holding an all-section district camp at Rhydd.


Some groups have already declined due to fears of overcrowding, and the fact that the young people may spend a lot of time waiting around, as was highlighted at Shirejam.  We all know that everything takes much longer (even moving between activities) when you are dealing with such high numbers.  There have also been worries about equipment and tentage requirements for some groups.  Car parking on drop off and collection can be very problematic as we have learned.  The District Team has already experienced challenges in trying to put together a suitable programme for ages 4 -18 years which will be enjoyable for all our young people.  There are also considerable risks around overcrowding in bottleneck areas, such as the campfire circle.  


So, after consultations with the District Team, we have found what we hope will be a solution.  I think that the best way forward would be to have a Musicals themed Camp as planned for Cubs, Beavers and Squirrels, then,  on a separate weekend (confirmed as 12th – 14th July) we would have a District Camp for Scouts and Explorers, which would have off site activities as planned, and perhaps not have the Musical theme for these older sections (but yes if they want it)?  


The advantages of this would be to address all the issues mentioned and would also open up spaces like the rec for more exciting activities for the younger sections (perhaps Giant Inflatables) and for or older ones a combination of off-site water-based activities and age appropriate challenges at Rhydd.


District Team members and managers would be involved in only one weekend (unless they wanted to do both!) and the same would apply to section leaders, so it shouldn't make too much extra work.  The support teams eg Rhydd SAS would have a double workload, but it would be with considerably less logistic planning and hassle.  


So, as regards the Musicals theme, we will go ahead with this for the Squirrels, Cubs and Beavers, and have a parade etc, and I will leave it to the Scout and Explorer sections to decide if they wish to go along with this on their own weekend, or perhaps have their own theme or none.




Julie  DC

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